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"www.2kstores.com" is the  “Website and Online Store / E-shop” of exhibition and distribution of products via the Internet, owned by the Group "Heptagon Financial services - Theodoridou K. Eirini". The activities of the group extend to the sale of insurance products, alternative energy providers, postal services and banking . The headquarters of the group is in Greece, in Thessaloniki,in the municipal district of Polichni in the municipality of Pavlos Mela, at 37 Mavromichali Street, PC 56533, No. GEMI Registry 149706306000, Tax Identification Number 156182133, tel +30 2311 822292 e-mail info@2kstores.com.

At “www.2kstores.com" you will find a wide variety of branded products at unbeatable prices. From the comfort of your home or office you can navigate in our E-shop making your purchases very easy, relaxed and safety and receiving the products you wish in a few days at your address. Furniture and decoration items for your home and garden, electrical appliances and tools, electronic equipment and computers of the latest technology, modern clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family, cosmetics and products of hygiene and beauty care, cleaning products, storage items, home textiles, toys and a pet shop for your pets. All in One Page - One Store.

The products that you will find in our Online Store come from a network of reliable suppliers from the global market, are branded and high quality products and are covered by the guarantees of their suppliers / manufacturers.

Supply chain management includes a wide range of actions and activities related to the processes of supply, storage, packaging and distribution of products in the most contemporary ways, by recording controls and information at all stages (suppliers, intercessors, transport companies and customers).

The transactions in our Online Store and the registration of your personal data are protected by top security and digital certification systems that guarantee a secure trading environment provided by the most trusted online transaction security providers worldwide.

Our experience, our prestige, our technological investments and our immediacy are basic guarantees.

The specialized staff of our Company is by your side, at all times, before and after the delivery of the products, ready to solve any problem and question at tel. +30 2311 822292 and e-mail info@2kstores.com.