Shipping and payment

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1.Shipment  and  Delivery Time

Orders are shipped exclusively with partner shipping companies (couriers, road transport, air transport and sea transport or by international post services) to any part of the world.

Before completing your order, you have the opportunity to choose the desired way you want the products you wish to order to be sent to you at your place, knowing in each case the corresponding transport costs and the estimated time needed to receive your order.

Our Company has selected and offers you several ways of transport covering the most special requirements for product deliveries even within 24 hours where of course this is possible and not hindered by other factors (inaccessible and remote areas, island areas, unpredictable weather, political, social etc. conditions).

2.Special Shipping Conditions

For shipments to Greece:

Knowing the geographical particularities of several areas of Greece, some shipping methods may not be possible or will be fulfilled in different ways. For example, we mention the shipment through the Hellenic Post Services where in some areas outside the major urban centers, the customer receives information by phone or with a note to receive his order from the central point where it usually serves his area.


Estimated shipping time is considered to be the time estimated to take an order to reach the capital of the prefecture. If trans shipment is required to reach the final destination (eg island Greece, remoted locations, etc.) delivery time may be to be extended.

Any delay in the receipt of the order due to negligence or absence of the customer, is not considered the responsibility of the carrier and consequently our Company and no claim can be made by the customer on this matter.

The Customer service department of our Company is always at your disposal to take care of these special cases, sending us your request to or contacting us at +30 2311 822292.


The transport and shipping expenses of each order are charged to the customer.

By selecting the shipping method you wish, you are automatically informed about the shipping costs, which amount is paid at the same time with the value of the products by completing the order.

Product return costs are also charged to the customer in the following cases:

(a) Refusal to accept the order by the transport company.

(b) Unnecessary return part or all of the order.

(c) Returned or replaced products that are not matching the customer's liking, or require a change of size / color / design.

The Company bears the costs of returning products when it comes to:

(a) Defective products

(b) Wrong products

as well as their re-shipping costs.



For the purchases of products made in our Online Store, the Company accepts payments by debit and credit cards, and by deposit in the following bank account.

National Bank

IBAN Account Number: GR26 0110 8800 0000 8800 0380 241


For your convenience, please provide your name and your order code when transferring the amount.

Accepted cards are Visa, MasterCard, as well as prepaid cards.

Our Company, fully harmonized with the tax laws applied in Greece, gives you the opportunity to choose the payment method that best suits you, and in any case, the value of your transaction is automatically credited to building your tax-free income.

Your credit card will be charged upon verification and certification of the details and its validity. The charge amount should be available and will be collected upon confirmation of the order. The charge, in addition to the value of the ordered product, also includes the shipping costs.

To complete your purchase in our Online Store you must follow the instructions you will find in it. In the order form that you will find, you will have to fill in the number, the expiration date and the security code of your credit card. You are solely responsible for the correct recording and authenticity of your credit card informations and you should be the beneficiary of the credit card you use for each transaction.